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Wheels come in all different sizes, hardness and colors. Picking the right size and hardness of your wheels is important.

Wheels are measured by the diameter and durometer. Diameter is the size (length) of the wheel and durometer is the durability or hardness of the wheel.

Again, choosing the right wheel depends on what type of skateboarding you’re into.

Vert Skaters

You’ll want a lot of speed when riding up ramps. Thus, you should have some large wheels since they roll faster. Try 55-65 mm size wheels. The wheels should have a hardness of 97 to 100a.

Street Skaters

Street skaters want smaller wheels since they are lighter and closer to the ground, allow the board to flip faster and more smoothly. Try 50-55mm wheels with a hardness of 97-100a.


If you skate both vert and skate, you’ll want a wheel in the middle, with a size of 52-60mm and a hardness of 95-100a. This balances out the speed and weight.

Riding Around

Wheels designed for cruising are larger, so you can roll faster, and softer, so you can ride over rough terrain. Try something with a diameter of 64-75mm and a hardness of 78-85a.


The wheels I’ve had the most success with are Ricta and Spitfire.

Ricta wheels are more expensive than normal wheels, but they’re worth it. Many pro skaters use them since they last a long time, grip nicely and spin smoothly.

Spitfire has always been known as the most popular wheel company. They’re products certainly…

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