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Getting Your Skateboard Tricks Higher

The main problem with executing tricks low is not enough pop. Simply put, all you have to do is pop harder. However, there are others factors that influence how much air you get. Here are some additional ways to increase the height of your tricks

Sucking up– Sucking up your legs will give the board more time to stay in the air. As you drag your front foot up after you pop, the board naturally follows. Thus, if you suck in your legs, the board will have a tendency to go higher.

Moving your front foot back– Moving your front foot back gives your front foot more room to drag, which naturally brings the board closer up to your body.

Using more of your toe to pop– Using the toes of your back foot to pop allows you to give a sharp, quick snap, which in turns gets the board moving up faster. Having some of your heel on there gives you more balance, but at the same time, slows you down. Experiment with the back foot placement until you get a good, high pop, but still keeping balance.

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