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How to Frontside Flip

The Frontside Flip

Troubleshooting the Frontside Flip

The Frontside Flip
(Frontside 180 Kickflip)

When you think of Frontside Flip, a name immediately jumps to mind: Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds has the one of cleanest and best look Frontside Flips and he makes landing Frontside Flips down huge stair sets and monster gaps look effortless.

Taking careful notice on the execution of this trick and practicing Frontside Flips regularly will help yours look just like Andrews!

Requirements for learning the Frontside Flip:
Obviously, you want to be able to frontside 180 Ollie and Kickflip. You want to get your 180s higher, since the board needs room to flip.

Foot Positioning
Pay close attention to the foot positioning of this trick. It is one of the most vital aspects of the Frontside Flip and it is a good idea to focus on where you place your feet and develop good habits.

Put your back foot with the ball of your foot on the southern edge of tip of the tail. This is crucial! You need the back foot to get enough scoop to rotate the entire 180, so you want a lot of heel hanging off.

Place your front foot in the Kickflip position You want your front foot slightly angled (about 30-45 degrees) and a few inches behind the front bolts. Be careful that your front toes are not too close to the southern edge of the board. Because the front foot is responsible for both flipping AND rotating the board, it is important that you have most of your front foot on the board.


  • Your back foot plays a major role in this trick. You need to pop hard with your back foot, but at the same time, scoop around so you get the board to rotate 180.
  • This scooping motion should feel the same way as the Frontside 180 Ollie. It may take a while to get used to, but stick with it and you’ll develop a feel for it.


  • With your front foot, you want to slide it off diagonally (front-south direction) to start the flip. Unlike the Kickflip, in which you give a nice little flick at the end, you will need to kick out hard in order to get the board flipping properly.
  • The front foot must be timed precisely to flip the board as it spins and rotates at the same time. There isn’t much else to say about the flick. The Frontside Flip, along with other more advanced tricks, requires you to experiment around before they stick.
  • Because this trick is done frontside, you do not have to turn your body much to complete the 180 rotation. Before popping though, turn your upper body 90 degrees frontside to prepare for the trick. Just have your torso facing forward instead of north when you start the trick.
  • The hardest thing about this trick is getting your back foot to scoop and come around properly. The Frontside Flip is done with mostly legs and lower body. Your upper body just faces forward the whole time.

The Frontside Flip is caught in the air after the board rotates 90 degrees. Basically, the board flips, spins 90 degrees, you catch it,

and bring it…

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