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How to Backside Pop Shove-it

Foot Placement

Set up your foot as you would for an Ollie, with your front foot a little higher up, about 1-2 inches away from the front bolts. You also want to move your back foot up more, with your toes higher up. This allows you to “scoop” the board, causing the spinning motion.


  • You don’t need much pop for this trick. A slight knee bend will be adequate to get the board in the air.


  • As you pop, you want to scoop the back foot south towards you. At the same time, push your front foot up and north.
  • Your feet should be doing sort of a scissors kick. As the board is spinning under you, you want to completely stay over it.
  • The board will most likely spin if front of you (towards your toes) so you will have to compensate for that by jumping forward a little.


Stay over your board as you land and keep your feet spread apart. A common problem is landing with the feet close together and losing your balance. After the board spins the 180, catch it,…

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