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How to 5-0 Grind


  • Ride parallel to your target as you would for a 50-50 grind. Ollie on to the target and shift your weight on your back foot.
  • Get into the grind with your back foot pressing on the tail, but still leaning forward so you don’t slip out.
  • To get out of the grind, simply shift your weight back onto your front foot. Just simply pivot out of the grind and ride away.

Practice the 5-0 grind by rolling up to your target at a slow, comfortable speed. Pop an Ollie, shifting your weight onto your back foot as you land on top of your obstacle. Repeat this until you become comfortable Ollying into the 5-0 position.

Next, roll up and 5-0 at a faster speed, but not too fast. You want to gradually increase your speed so you get a good feel for how much you should lean as you are grinding.


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