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How to Backside Heelflip

The Backside Heelflip

Troubleshooting the Backside Heelflip

The Backside Heelflip

There isn’t really much to say about backside 180 Heelflips. They are just a combination between backside 180 Ollies and Heelflips. It requires much practice to get these down, but they are one of the best looking tricks around.

Requirements for Learning Backside 180 Heelflips
Obviously, you’ll want to know Backside 180s and Heelfips pretty well. Get your backside 180s pretty high, since you need a lot of room for the board to spin. Knowing Backside 180 Kickflips isn’t crucial, but it can definitely facilitate the learning process.

Foot Placement

Place your front foot a little further back than you would for a normal Heelflip, and set up your back foot as you would for an Ollie. You may even want your back foot a little further south on the tail so it doesn’t get in the way of the board flipping.


  • Give a good, hard pop to get some decent height. Because this trick spins a little slower, you’ll need a bigger pop.
  • As you pop, start turning your body backside, just like a backside 180.


  • Put some weight on the heel of your front foot before you start the trick.
  • After you pop, give a good, clean flick with your heel by dragging it towards the front northern edge of your board. The motion will feel pretty natural.

Catch the board after you have rotated about 90-100 degrees. Catch with your back foot first and bring the board the rest of the way with your leg. You can also give a little pivot if you can’t get the full 180. The motion of this trick is remarkable similar to the Frontside Flip, since it is a mirror image of the Frontside Flip. Reread the landing tips for the Frontside Flip…

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