The Secrets of Skateboarding

  • 145 Page in depth guide of tricks
  • Features how-to, troubleshooting, and other skate secrets
  • Written by underground skater Tony Waters
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Dear Reader,

Congrats on taking the first step to becoming a better skateboarder! You are about to uncover some of the most valuable secrets of skateboarding.

The methods and techniques you are about to learn will not only dramatically slash the time it takes for you to learn a new trick, but can also be applied to any other area of life to achieve success.

Applying these techniques to directly to skateboarding will significantly improve your skateboarding skills. Applying these techniques to other parts of your life will yield financial abundance, lasting relationships, and a fit body.

Again, I want to congratulate you on making a decision that may carry you to your skateboarding goals.

The reason I say “may” is that there is only so much I can do to guide to you. The rest is entirely up to you. If you’re the type of person to carefully read this guide, actively take notes, and most importantly, take action, then you are about to reach a level of success you can hardly imagine.

Whether you skate for fun or aspire to skate for a living, this guide will help you reach your goals. Part I of this guide explains how to properly execute the tricks. Park II is about goal setting and how to truly make this program work for you. It is crucial that you study this information carefully, since it is the foundation of this course.

You may be tempted to quickly dive into Part I and learn the tricks, but the real secret to success at skateboarding lies in your attitudes, beliefs and habits. Part 1 of this guide will teach you how to condition your brain in order to reach your goals as quickly, efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

Most importantly, have fun when skating. Skateboarding is a privilege and having a good time is what skateboarding is all about! Do not become so frustrated or upset when you meet an obstacle that you forget the purpose of skateboarding.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” Love skateboarding.



Tony Waters

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