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How to Heelflip

The Heelflip

Troubleshooting the Heelflip

The Heelflip


Some argue that the Heelflip is much easier than the Kickflip, but I personally feel that it’s a tough trick to learn, and should be treated like a difficult trick. Pay attention to the details of the trick to build a good foundation to work with.

Requirements for Learning Heelflips
The only requirement for Heelfips is a solid Ollie. This trick will come to you easier if you can already Kickflip, but it is certainly not a prerequisite.

Foot Placement
There are many ways to position the front foot. The front foot should be placed 1-2 inches behind the front bolts. Generally, skaters will have personal preferences when it comes to how much toe should hang off, but his is entirely up to you.

Because everyone is different, experiment with your front foot positioning until you can find a comfortable spot for your foot. You will probably find that having 2 inches of your toe hanging off will feel right.

The back foot should be set up like an Ollie. Here is a general rule of thumb- the farther north you have your toes of your front foot off the board, the farther south you should place your back foot. This is to maintain good balance during the Heelflip.


  • Give the board a clean, hard pop!
  • Like the Kickflip, the Heelflip should start out feeling like an Ollie.
  • As your front foot drags up, flick it out toward the north- front corner of the board, where the board starts to bend upward.


  • You want to slide your front foot diagonally off the board while Ollying. It’s an up and out motion. I cannot stress this enough. Many beginner skaters kick down or north with their front foot when attempting to Heelflip. Sliding it off diagonally will make the board flip much smoother.
  • But this trick is essentially the same as an Ollie- you drag up with your front foot, but you drag towards the north front corner and give a little flick.
  • Remember to suck up your legs after you flick.

With the Heelflip, it is common to catch the board with with both feet simultaneously. As long as you suck up your legs as you flick, the board will naturally find its way to your feet in the air. As soon as you catch the board, stomp down and ride away.

Learning the Heelflip
I recommend to start learning the Heelflip by practicing stationary on carpet or grass. As you get comfortable with the board flipping underneath you, begin to do Heelflips while moving…

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