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How to Board Slide


  • This is another basic trick, but unlike grinds, you will be sliding much faster. For the Frontside Board Slide, you’ll need to know how to Ollie in the Frontside direction. Likewise, you need to be comfortable with backside Ollies for backside Board Slides.
  • Begin by riding toward your target a comfortable speed.

Depending on whether you want to do a backside or frontside Board Slide, Ollie up 90 degrees frontside or backside.

  • A key aspect of the Board Slide is to land into the slide balanced so the board doesn’t shoot out from underneath you. You can accomplish this by a slight knee bend. If you are leaning back, even the slightest bit, be prepared slip!
  • During the slide, you just need to keep your weight centered and your shoulders parallel with the board. This will be extremely easy if you land into the slide balanced.
  • To complete the slide, do a quick 90 degree turn, either frontside or backside to get out of the slide.

A great way to practice Board Slides is to do them on parking blocks. When first practicing, just get comfortable with going into the slide without falling. Parking blocks are at a low height, and are very smooth, reducing the risk of injury. It is best to start off practicing on low blocks rather than rails so you won’t be scared of falling and can focus on balancing your body…

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