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How to Tail Slide

The Tail Slide is a little harder than the Nose Slide, since the tail is slightly shorter, so you have a smaller sliding surface. Before learning this trick, you should be able to frontside or backside 180 Ollie in the direction you want to Tail Slide in.


  • Ride parallel to your target at a comfortable speed. Like the Nose Slide, it is best to try this trick on a ledge or curb first since they’re easier to balance on. Set up as you would for a backside or frontside 180 Ollie.
  • Pop your tail and do a quick 90 degree Ollie to get your tail locked onto the obstacle. Apply pressure to your tail and shift most of your weight over it. Again, keep your arms parallel to the obstacle so you remain balanced throughout the slide.
  • As you near the end of the slide, shift your weight evenly to both legs. Give a quick press with your front foot and turn out of the slide. Land on the ground and ride away!

Like the Nose Slide, a good way to practice the tail slide is Ollie into tail stalls. Do this by rolling parallel along a curb or ledge at a moderately slow speed. Pop an Ollie and turn 90 degrees away…

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