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Troubleshooting the 360 Flip

Problem: I’m always landing on the nose
Solution: You need to put more power into the spin. Scoop the living daylights out of the board and make the effort to get the tail to go in front of you. Pop the board harder and try to get it vertical to get a more powerful spin.

Problem: The board hits my shin
Solution: You need to focus on jumping higher and sucking up after you start the trick. Make sure to lift you back foot up as soon as you scoop.

Problem: The board lands away from me
Solution: It will be hard to stay completely over your board when you first start learning these. Your body will soon adjust with practice, but to help you land it quicker, you can do two things:

  1. Give the board more pop before you start the scoop. This means you try to get the board as vertical as you can with the pop. This motion carries the board into the air along with you, as opposed to scooping it right away and having it spin away from you.
  2. Jump in the direction the board lands. This technique never fails- just jump with the board. Your landing may be a little sloppy, but at least you’re close to landing it. As I mentioned before, over time, you no longer need to focus on jumping forward as your body will naturally adapt to the trick and keep the board under you.

Problem: I land primo
Solution: Landing primo means the board is either over flipping or under flipping. If the board is over flipping, you need to ease off the front foot. The front foot gives a gentle flick- not a violent kick. If the board under flips, angle it more or move it back so it provides a more efficient flick.

Also be sure to suck up your legs, giving the board more room to spin and flick, so you manage to catch the board in the air.

Problem: I can’t get the full 360 degree rotation
Solution: Since the rotation is all in the back foot there is only one way to fix this- scoop harder! Your front foot may be interfering with the spin- be sure to…

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