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How to Crooked Grind

The Crooked Grind is an extremely good looking grind. However, before learning the Crooked Grind, you should be able to Nose Grind.


  • Crooked Grinds are very much like nose grinds. Come up parallel to your target, with your front foot a little closer to the nose.
  • Pop your tail and Ollie onto the target. Putting your weight on your font foot, straighten out your front foot while keeping your back leg a little bent. When your front trucks lock onto your target, push your back foot so the tail out at an angle (so that it’s crooked)
  • Push your nose all the way down and keep your weight centered over your front trucks as you’re grinding.
  • It will take some time to learn the correct balance, but experiment with different foot placements after you get a feel for the grind. Remember you have to press the nose completely down on the target, so they are easier to balance than Nose Grinds.
  • To get out of the grind, you’ll want shift your weight off the nose. Then pop a semi-Nollie out and ride away!

You must be rolling at a moderately fast speed in order to grind smoothly. For…

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