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How to 50-50 Grind

The 50-50 is the most basic of grinds. 50-50s set the foundations for the other grinds, and once you have them mastered, other, more advanced grinds will come to you naturally.


  • Come up to the target at a slight angle. When you get close enough, Ollie up onto the target, letting both trucks hit at the same time. Slight bend your knee as you land to keep your balance and ride out the grind.
  • During your grind, it’s important to stay centered over your board to keep your balance. If you’re leaning too forward or backwards, the board can easily shoot out from you.
  • To get off of the grind, you can do one of two things. You can simple lean back a little and lift up your nose to finish the grind. OR, if you have time, pop an Ollie to get off of the grind.

When first starting out, a great way to practice 50-50s is to lay down a small pole or hockey stick and practice Ollying on to that. You don’t necessarily have to grind it; just get comfortable getting in the 50-50 position on top of it from different angles.

Practice from both the right and left side, getting used to backside and Frontside 50-50’s. Once you master that, find a nice, waxed curb to practice your 50-50s on. You need to be rolling at a moderately fast speed so you have enough momentum to grind properly, otherwise, you…

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