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How to Varial Flip

The Varial Flip

Troubleshooting the Varial Flip

The Varial Flip
(180 Varial Kickflip)

Varial Flips are a lot easier than they look. They are one of the best looking flatland tricks, while also one of the easiest to master.

Requirements for Learning the Varial Flip
Backside Pop-Shove-it is definitely a must-know. You want to able to land reasonably high Pop Shove-its. The Kickflip, however, is optional. Although Varial Flips will come to you quicker if you can already land Kickflips, they are certainly not a requirement to learning Varial Flips.

Many skaters I’ve worked with skaters who have learned Varial Flips before Kickflips! While you don’t need to be able to land Kickflips with both feet, you should know how to flip the board well.

Foot Positioning:
Your front foot should be set up in the Kickflip position, but with a more exaggerated angle and farther south.

Set up your back foot flat on the tail, as you would for a backside Pop Shove-it. You may want to move your toes more north to get more scoop and pop.


  • Pop the tail and pull south with your back foot in a scooping motion to start the spin.
  • You don’t need a huge scoop to get the spin, just enough to get 180 degrees.
  • You want to pop hard, getting the board up in the air; otherwise the board will spin a pitiful Varial Flip on the ground.


  • After board has popped up and is slightly angled backside, then flick your front foot off the side of the board causing it to flip and spin at the same time.
  • As you flick, you also want to give a tiny backside “shove” with your front foot, to help the board rotate.
  • It’s important that you don’t pop and flick at the same time. Doing so will cause the board to stay and flip on the ground resulting in an ugly looking Varial Flip. Remember, the secret to this trick is popping first, then giving a shove to get it spinning and flipping. This will allow the board to flip and spin smoother and higher.
  • The board will now spin and flip in a smooth motion. Experiment with the positioning of your front foot, since where your front foot is determines how the board will flip.
  • The more angled or further south and back your front foot is, the faster the board will flip.
  • After you flick, remember to lift your back foot up and suck up your legs, so the board may spin and flip freely.
  • You will find that sucking up will cause the board pop up higher and “stick” to your feet as you land.

Your front foot, after flicking out, will naturally find its way back to the board, so you do not have to worry about bringing your front foot back. Just focus on staying over your board during the flip.

At first, you may have to jump forward a little to land on top of the board. After landing a few, you’ll find that you can make the board stay underneath you by giving the proper amount of scoop and flick.

Spread your leg as you catch the board to keep balance, bend your knees and ride away.

Learning the Varial Flip
As I mentioned earlier,…

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