The Secrets of Skateboarding

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  • Written by underground skater Tony Waters
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Troubleshooting the Heelflip

Problem: The board flips vertically
Solution: You are kicking out too much with your front foot and/or leaning back. Remember that this trick is just like an

Ollie, so remain completely centered over your board. Also, focus your weight on your front heel- this will help you stay centered and balanced as you pop.

Problem: Board goes south of me
Solution: This is perhaps the most common problem when learning Heelflips. Because your front foot is hanging off the front edge of the board, there is a tendency to hunch over and lean north. When you Ollie, you will jump north, but your board will flip in place and end up south of you.

To overcome this, focus on leaning south and have your weight overtop of the board when popping up. Doing so will keep the board underneath your body throughout the trick.

Problem: Landing with the back foot only
Solution: One footed landings are caused by lack of balance. If you are landing with your back foot on the board, and your front foot on the ground, you are still leaning forward too much.

Stay centered of the board, or even lean back just a bit and imagine doing and Ollie. Your front foot should drag, flick,…

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