The Secrets of Skateboarding

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  • Written by underground skater Tony Waters
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Troubleshooting the Pop Shove-it

Problem: Landing one footed
Solution: One footed landings are due to one of two things- having the board stray from you in the air or lack of commitment. This trick may feel scary at first, but you need to commit to the landing.

Practice these moving slowly, focusing on landing with both feet. Then, take them to higher and higher speeds.

Problem: Board flips while rotating
Solution: Landing this trick while the board is flipping can lead to a nasty spill. Flipping the board (in a backside pop-Shove-it) is caused by the front heel hitting the edge of the board, causing it to flip in the Heelflip direction.

Simply fix this by kicking out your front foot and scooping with your back foot at the same time. If you scoop first, and then kick, the board will hit your heel and naturally flip.

If the board flips in a frontside shove-it, you are hitting the edge of the board with your toes, sending it into a Kickflip. Simply adjust by kicking both legs at the same time.

Problem: Board flies out from underneath me
Solution: Usually, the board will end up in north of you if you’re doing this trick backside and south you if you’re doing a Frontside Pop Shove-it.

To have the board stay under you the whole time, just jump slightly forward or backwards depending on which direction you rotate it. Generally, just lean and jump in the direction the board flies out in. It seems overly simple, but you’d be surprised how…

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