The Secrets of Skateboarding

  • 145 Page in depth guide of tricks
  • Features how-to, troubleshooting, and other skate secrets
  • Written by underground skater Tony Waters
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Troubleshooting the Frontside Flip

Problem: I can’t get the full 180.
Solution: Get more scoop! Move your back toes more south, have only the very tip of your back foot hanging on the tail. You’ll need to get lots of scoop for this trick.

Keeping this tip in mind will save you hours of practice! If you position your back foot like a Kickflip, you’ll just land sideways. Move your toes back so you can get that extra scoop.

Problem: The board hits my leg.
Solution: You are not catching early enough. Aim to catch the board at 90 degrees so that you can bring it around with your legs already on it. You can fix this flicking harder.

Problem: The board always lands upside down
Solution: You are not flipping hard enough. To correct this problem you should move your front foot (flipping foot) further south, so less of your foot is one the board. This will help give a quicker, more efficient flip…

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