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Skateboarding Terminology

How many times have you been given ambiguous skate tips such as, “just move your front foot up a little as you Ollie.” What does “up” mean? Toward the nose of your skateboard? Toward the direction of your toes? Up in the air? It is very difficult describing 3 dimensional movements in words.

For this purpose of this guide, we will be using the north/south/front/back system to refer to a particular direction.

This may seem strange at first. Saying “front”, “forward”, “up”, “down”, “back”, and “behind” seem perfectly fine. However, these words become ambiguous (i.e. when we use words like back, do we really mean back or south?) so it’s better to have an absolute system when describing direction.

Throughout this guide, north will refer to the direction you point your toes. South will be the direction your heels are facing.

Front is the direction the nose of your board is facing and back is the direction your tail is facing.

Up will refer to straight up in the air and down will be towards the ground.

On flatland, backside refers to rotating in the direction you are facing, and frontside is rotating in the opposite direction you are facing.

When grinding, they are…

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