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How to Smith Grind

The Smith Grind is definitely a tough trick to learn. The most frustrating part of this trick is figuring out the right amount of pressure on the tail. However, once you experiment and get that down, you will be able to pull off one of the nicest looking grinds ever!


  • Before learning the Smith Grind, it is important to be familiar with 50-50s and Lipslides as well. Knowing the 5-0 grind is not a must, but will definitely accelerate the learning of this trick.
  • Approach your target a good speed. The faster you go, the longer you’ll be able to grind for. Set up your feet as you would for an Ollie. Some like to set up their front foot a little more toward the front. This will help you balance the grind better, since your legs are further apart.
  • Pop up your tail and Ollie, bringing your tail towards the object, sort of like a Lipslide.
  • Lock your back trucks onto the target, and push down with your front foot, so the middle on the deck is also touching and your front trucks are hanging below the target.
  • Be sure to stay centered over your back truck; if you’re leaning forward too much, your board just stick and you’ll quickly fall out of the grind.
  • To complete the grind, simple give the tail a slight pop and land your wheels.


This is a hard trick to learn and will take much practice before mastering it. Start out by practice on grind rails rather than curbs or ledges. Grind rails can be scary to learn on, but it’s a good

idea to start out by practicing on them because it’s much…

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