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How to Nose Slide

The Nose Slide is a clean looking trick that’s pretty easy to learn. Before learning this trick, you should be able to frontside or backside 180 Ollie in the direction you want to Nose Slide in.


  • Ride parallel to the target at a good, comfortable speed. When starting out, it is a good idea to try these on ledges and curbs rather than rails, since with rails, there is the possibility of leaning too much and falling over to the other side.
  • As you approach your target, you want to set up your feet in 180 position. Have your front foot a little closer to the nose, so it can reach and press down on the nose quicker.
  • Pop an Ollie and shift your weight over your front foot, which should now be over your nose. Lock your nose onto the target and stay balanced throughout the slide. A good tip for balancing the Nose Slide is keeping your arms parallel to the target rather than your board.
  • To get out of the slide, simply press down with your front foot and give a slight scoop to turn the nose of the board off of the target. Land on all four wheels and ride away.

A great way to practice Nose Slides is to practice Ollying into nose stalls on a curb or ledge. Once you get good nose stalls by approaching straight on, practice Ollying into nose stalls riding by parallel to the obstacle, so you’ll have to do a…

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